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Young Sherlock Holmes collection by Andrew Lane is a series of young adult Thriller novels featuring Arthur Conan Doyle's detective Sherlock Holmes.

One of the most famous characters in popular fiction, Andrew Lane's Young Sherlock series has done an outstanding job of showing younger readers aged 11 and above just how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes became such a great detective, and our six-book Young Sherlock Collection chronicles his unbelievable early adventures. 
Meeting the best-loved hero when he is just 14 years old, in Death Cloud Sherlock is sent away to live with his eccentric uncle and aunt in a vast house in Hampshire which leads him to uncover his first murder, a kidnap, corruption and his first sinister foe... Red Leech see Sherlock's American tutor wrapped up in a trans-Atlantic murder case; in Black Ice, Sherlock must come to the aid of his brother Mycroft; Fire Storm forces the young detective to look for clues surrounding his friend's disappearance; he is kidnapped and wanted dead in Snake Bite; and in Knife Edge, Sherlock must use his powers of deduction to unravel his most peculiar and perplexing case yet... 
Pacy, brilliantly plotted and in-keeping with the classic stories of Sir Author Conan Doyle, our six-book Young Sherlock Collection is the ideal set of books for introducing the world's most famous detective to children aged 11 and above.