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This book teaches and develops the math concepts and critical thinking skills necessary for success in Algebra I and future mathematics courses at the high school level. It was written with the premise that students cannot problem solve or take leaps of reasoning without understanding the concepts and elements that lead to discovery. The author-with 35 years of experience teaching mathematics-is a firm believer that understanding leads to confidence and confidence gives students the resolve to succeed in higher level mathematics rather than fear it.

It is standards-based, but what makes it different from other pre-algebra books is that it organizes concepts in a logical fashion, stressing practice and critical thinking. It avoids the mistakes-found in many other math books-of trying to teach new concepts before students receive the prerequisite skills and practice necessary for success. The concepts are presented clearly and in connection to other concepts. Math vocabulary is very important to success in higher mathematics, so this book includes easy-to-follow explanations and a user-friendly glossary.

• Family of Numbers
• Working With Integers
• Working With Rational Numbers
• Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
• Percent Applications
• Algebraic Expressions
• Equations and Solving Word Problems
• Inequalities and Applications
• Understanding Square Roots and Irrational Numbers
• Two Dimensional Geometry
• Understanding Volume and Surface Area
• Graphing on the Coordinate Plane
• Transformations and Congruency
• Understanding Functions
• Probability and Statistics