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Todd's Cardiovascular Reviews are the leading study guides for cath lab professionals. Organized around the most current exam content/matrix for the national CV exams, Todd's Review books include hundreds of sample questions designed to be similar to the exams you will take, with the specific content of each national exam outlined and explained, along with exam tips and study aids. You need Volume 5: Practice Exams for Invasive CV Technology if you are: • Preparing for either your CCI registry exams (RCIS) or ARRT exams (CI and VI) • Working as an invasive or interventional cath lab specialist • Seeking professional cardiovascular training and development hours Cardiovascular Review Vol. 5: Practice Exams summarizes the preceding volumes by presenting 7 mock exams to prepare cath lab nurses and technicians for the difficult and stressful Invasive Cardiovascular registry examinations: CCI's RCIS exam, and ASRT's Interventional exam. In Volume 5: Practice Exams for Invasive CV Technology, four realistic mock exams will assess your knowledge of targeted cath lab technologies covered in Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Todd’s Cardiovascular Reviews. Then, three additional mock exams will test your readiness with simulated RCIS exams given over a 20 year period. Each mock registry exam contains approximately 150 multiple choice questions, answers and explanations. Practice exams include: - Test 1: Cath lab basics (A&P, & Pathology) - Test 2: Diagnostic Techniques - Test 3: Cath Lab Hemodynamic - Test 4: Cath Lab Interventions - Test 5: Based on 2000 RCIS Outline - Test 6: Based on 2005 RCIS Outline - Test 7: Based on 2011 RCIS Outline Maximize your knowledge. Customize a comprehensive learning plan by matching topics in Todd's Cardiovascular Review Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 with the content for your profession or exams. We have included information that we believe will be on the national CV Invasive Registry examinations. However, is up to you to match appropriate material from these volumes with the content of your exams. Effective, efficient learning. Todd's Cardiovascular Reviews are written in easy-to-understand language, with graphics included on virtually every page for visual learning. Those preparing for invasive specialty registries who will need additional volumes can purchase them separately here at Since CreateSpace prints on demand, your total price is reduced. Save money by purchasing the specific volumes needed for your professional development. To see all five volumes search for Wesley Todd on CreateSpace “store.” Todd’s Cardiovascular Review Volume 1: Invasive Basics Todd’s Cardiovascular Review Volume 2: Invasive Diagnostic Techniques Todd’s Cardiovascular Review Volume 3: Hemodynamic Calculations Todd’s Cardiovascular Review Volume 4: Interventions Todd’s Cardiovascular Review Volume 5: Practice Exams for Invasive CV Technology About the Author: J. Wesley Todd is a professional educator with an engineering degree and 23 years in teaching cardiovascular technology, experience writing national board exams, and takes the exams himself every 2-3 years. He has received the highest exam scores in the country twice, updates the books regularly, and now writes and produces review guides and training content full time.