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Finally, your teens will write without dread! Have they almost given up on writing? Do they reach for the tissue box when you say, "Write an essay"? Do you worry they won't be ready for high school or college writing? Do they say they think of things to write but can't write them down? With THE POWER IN YOUR HANDS: WRITING NONFICTION IN HIGH SCHOOL, 2ND EDITION, they'll learn essay writing in a relaxed, nonthreatening atmosphere with a little humor thrown in. This 2ND EDITION includes proofreading marks and exercises, a new chapter on common grammar mistakes, and numbered lessons to easily keep track of daily lessons. This course teaches your teens what they need to know for high school and will be prepare them for college writing: persuasion, compare-and-contrast essays, literary analysis, a research paper with MLA documentation, and much more. In addition, students will learn how to write description and narration essays. Beginning writers will feel safe, and advanced writers will enjoy Digging Deeper lessons. Written by the same author who wrote JUMP IN, Apologia's popular middle school writing curriculum, this course is the natural next step for those who value college-preparatory material presented in incremental steps with a conversational tone. Sharon Watson has the knack of teaching students with no prior writing experience in the same class with advanced writers. She knows when to introduce new material and how to keep it interesting. Both reluctant and eager writers will benefit from the way she reveals exactly how the "magic trick" of writing is done! With over 100 daily lessons and complete instructions for 22 essays and reports, this is an engaging course students will enjoy--or not dread. And, more good news: the course is written to the student and almost teaches itself. Really. Because writers come in all varieties, this course begins with basic writing skills so that inexperienced writers can catch up quickly on fundamentals, and then it smoothly merges them with their age-mates. More advanced writers will enjoy the Digging Deeper lessons designed specifically for them. New and seasoned writers will gain a confidence that comes from success. Perfect for homeschools, co-ops, and private schools. Contains some Christian-based material. For SAT essay information, visit Don't let another year slide by without a solid writing curriculum! Engage your students with this intriguing course filled with examples from real students and professional writers. Prerequisites: None. An additional grammar course is recommended. Teachers, you'll want THE POWER IN YOUR HANDS: WRITING NONFICTION IN HIGH SCHOOL, 2ND EDITION, TEACHER'S GUIDE. This updated teacher's guide includes all assignments and checklists, answers to chapter work, a year of engaging writing prompts, and GRADING GRIDS for each assignment to take the guesswork out of grading essays!