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Biographical Note:
The Foxfire Fund is a non-profit organization that has preserved and fostered Appalachian culture through their bestselling series of anthologies, starting with The Foxfire Book in the early 1970s. The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center is located in Mountain City, Georgia.

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The bestselling Foxfire series returns with a loving tribute to Appalachian culture, this time with a focus on preserving and passing down the music, the lore, and the how-to wisdom of earlier generations--;Provided by publisher.

Table of Contents:
Banjo Ringing Loud and Clear, Mountain Music in the Air -- Introduction -- People will forget our past if it isn't recorded. -- Foxfire's History -- A Beautiful Life -- In the Good Ol' Days -- Praise the Lord, Sammy's quit smoking! -- An interview with Sammy Green -- Don't you ever stop by my house again asking for whiskey! -- An interview with Madge Merrell -- So that's pretty well my eight-nine years. -- Jack P. Nix tells us about his career -- But he was a stinker, that boy of mine. -- An interview with Lillie Billingsley -- He had his head stuck up, and Mama shot him. -- Memories from David Lightnin' Callenback -- I don't feel like I'm Republican; I know I am. -- An interview with Carlee Heaton -- Most of the toys I had was homemade. -- Coyl Justice shares childhood memories -- The first airplane ... we thought is was the Lord a-comin'. -- An interview with Vaughn Billingsley -- You either moonshined or you sold corn to moonshiners. -- Memories from Allen English -- Castro, he invited me to come see him. -- Tommy Irvin on forty years as ag commissioner -- Knoxville Girl -- Crime Close to Home -- A ripple of dramatic emotion swept over the courtroom. -- The 1939 murder of Grace Bingham Brock -- Hell-Bent and Whiskey Bound: A Scaly Mountain Murder -- As told by Lillie Billingsley -- Well, now, this is a true story. -- A story of birth and death from Melissa Rogers -- Last words, in a choked voice: Good-bye, men. -- The hanging of Will Brown -- Yeah, that stuff's a-growin' wild up there. -- Life and times of former sheriff Marley Cannon -- Machine Gun Bandits Hold Up Bank of Clayton -- 1934 bank robbery as recalled by Huell Bramlett -- I ain't made no liquor in a long time. -- Bass Dickery, the Wild Russian -- Let me tell you about Bass. -- Bill White says, We hit it off good -- Oh, Lord, if you won't help me, don't help them. -- The legend of the Moccasin gang -- A Legacy Lives On -- Sam McMahan on the loss of the Woodards -- Barbara Allen -- Tales and Legends -- This happened on a cold, windy winter night. -- Family ghost stories from Melissa Rogers -- Our cemetery is haunted. Did you know it? -- Louise Tabor relates a tale for Halloween -- If you believe in spirits at all, like I do ... -- Bob Justus talks about the little people -- The Legend of the Deer and the Witch -- Lillie Billingsley's talk that my daddy told me -- You may not believe this, but they say ... -- Numerous Rabun legends from several people -- These old mountains have lots of magic. -- Fairy tales and folklore from Clyde Hollifield -- I wasn't hallucinating. -- Greg Stancil's true encounter with the devil -- Echoes -- Mountain Music Fills the Air -- We went to the Grand Ole Opry in 1960. -- Curtis Blackwell -- I like the ol' brother-style duet stuff. -- Wallace Josh Crowe -- A Story and a Song -- David Holt -- It's been real, and it's been fun, but it ain't been real fun! -- LV and Mary Mathis -- A Family Tradition -- Mountain Faith -- Fishers of Men -- The Primitive Quartet -- A Band Is Born -- George Reynolds and The Foxfire Boys -- Because He Loved Me -- Morris Stancil and his son, Greg Stancil -- The Banjo Can Also Touch the Heart -- Dale Tilley -- I'm a musician. -- Gary Waldrep -- Emergency services pronounced me dead at the scane. -- Young Harmony -- Daddy Was a Farmer -- School Farm Families -- Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School Farm Family Program -- Dr. Karl Anderson -- I think it was the people that made it so special. -- Frances Fry Deal -- Jack Acree ... washed my mouth out with soap! -- Jimmy Deal -- What I've got now, I picked up from Rabun Gap School. -- James Adams -- Farmer's Daughter -- Jo-Anne Stiles Hubbs -- You just enjoyed living. -- J. T. Coleman -- Mama ordered one hundred little biddy chickens. -- William Thurmond -- Life was hard, but there were fun times also. -- Harold Thurmond -- Being on the school farm was a wonderful thing! -- Doug Nix -- I knowed there wasn't nobody else for me. -- Lucy Webb and her daughter Mary Webb Kitchens -- Raise 'em, feed 'em, and kill 'em. -- Doris Carpenter and here son Jim Carpenter -- I can remember in the fall of the year ... -- Bobbie Dills Carter -- They provided the house, and we provided the labor. -- Marjorie Robinson and here son Morris Robinson -- It was really a blessing for us. -- Tommy and Emma Chastain -- Cotton Gins and Sawmills -- The Jordan Family -- With His own Two Hands -- We'll Tell You How -- Tying a True Lover's Knot -- Research by Lee Carpenter -- The Adaptable Five-in-One Sled -- Kyle Bolen -- Building an Oak Shaving Horse -- With Claud Connell -- Chair Bottoming with Poplar Bark -- Harriet Echols, Elvin Cabe, and Nelson Cabe -- Raising Native Azaleas from Seed -- Coyl Justive -- Forging a Traditional Drawknife -- Barry Stiles -- Braiding a Leather Bullwhip -- Frank Vinson -- The Past Meets the Present -- A Closing Letter from Foxfire President Ann Moore -- Experiencing Traditional Music -- Southeastern Bluegrass and Gospel Festivals -- Editors and Staff -- Contributors.

Publisher Marketing:
For almost half a century, Foxfire has brought the philosophy of simple living to hundreds of thousands of readers, teaching creative self-sufficiency and preserving the stories, crafts, and customs of Appalachia. Inspiring and practical, this classic series has become an American institution.

The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book continues the beloved tradition of celebrating a simpler life, this time with a focus on Appalachian music, folk legends, and a history full of outsized personalities. We hear the encouraging life stories of banjo players, gospel singers, and bluegrass musicians who reminisce about their first time playing at the Grand Ole Opry; we shiver at the spine-tingling collection of tall tales, from ghosts born of long-ago crimes to rumors of giant catfish that lurk at the bottom of lakes and quarries; we recollect the Farm Family Program that sustained and educated Appalachian families for almost fifty years, through the Depression and beyond; and we learn the time-honored skills of those who came before, from building a sled to planting azaleas and braiding a leather bull-whip. Full of spirited narrative accounts and enduring knowledge, The Foxfire 45th Anniversary Book is a piece of living history from a fascinating American culture.

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