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Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence involves the interplay of Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Linguistics and Psychology. In addition to that, it is technology that can be extremely disruptive. The ramifications to society and even our own humanity will be profound. There are few subjects that are as captivating and as consequential as this. Surprisingly, there is very little that is written about this new technology in a more comprehensive and cohesive way. This book is an opinionated take on the developments of Deep Learning AI.One question many have will be "how to apply Deep Learning AI in a business context?" Technology that is disruptive does not automatically imply that its application to valuable use cases will be apparent. For years, many people could not figure out how to monetize the World Wide Web. We are in a similar situation with Deep Learning AI. The developments may be mind-boggling but its monetization is far from being obvious. This book presents a framework to address this shortcoming.