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Biographical Note:
Lee Child is #1 New York Times bestsellling author of the Jack Reacher thrillers and the complete Jack Reacher story collection, No Middle Name. All his novels have been optioned for major motion pictures--including Jack Reacher (based on One Shot) and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. A native of England and a former television director, Child lives in New York City.

Marc Notes:
A Jack Reacher novel--Cover.;Originally published: New York: Putnam, 2000.;Includes an excerpt from Echo burning..

Review Quotes:
"Swift and brutal."-- The New York Times

"Reacher is one of the more interesting suspense heroes to come along in a while."-- San Antonio Express News

"A superior series."-- The Washington Post Book World

"A great read."-- St. Petersburg Times

"Spectacular...muscular, energetic prose and pell-mell pacing."-- The Seattle Times

"Jack Reacher, the wandering folk hero of Child's superb line of thrillers faces a baffling puzzle in his latest adventure...a brain-teasing puzzle that gets put together piece by fascinating piece...and a central character with Robin Hood-like integrity and an engagingly eccentric approach to life."-- Publishers Weekly

"Deeply satisfying...plan to stay up long past bedtime and do some serious hyperventilating toward the end."-- Kirkus Reviews

"This fourth Reacher thriller is easily the best. The plot is a masterpiece. Reacher belongs at the same table with...Parker's Spenser."-- Booklist

"With numerous plot twists and turns, Child puts Reacher through his paces brilliantly, arriving at an unusual solution. Highly recommended."-- Library Journal

Publisher Marketing:
Jack Reacher races to solve the perfect crime in the fourth novel in Lee Child's New York Times bestselling series.

Across the country, women are being murdered, victims of a disciplined and clever killer who leaves no trace evidence, no fatal wounds, no signs of struggle, and no clues to an apparent motive. They are, truly, perfect crimes. In fact, there's only one thing that links the victims. Each one of the women knew Jack Reacher--and it's got him running blind.

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