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Biographical Note:
Carolyn Keene is a pen name used by a variety of authors for the classic Nancy Drew Mystery series. The first author to use the pseudonym was Mildred Wirt Benson, who wrote 23 of the original 30 books. Other writers who have adapted the "Carolyn Keene" moniker include Leslie McFarlane, James Duncan Lawrence, Walter Karig, and Nancy Axelrod.

Jacket Description/Back:
For cliffhanging suspense and thrilling action read THE NANCY DREW MYSTERY STORIES-the worlds most popular mystery series for young readers! Millions of fans have matched wits with Nancy Drew, helping her solve mare than fifty baffling cases- from THE SECRET OF THE OLD CLOCK to the haunting mystery of THE THIRTEENTH PEARL.

Marc Notes:
Originally published: 1960.;An old letter tells of a long lost clue which is hidden in an old stagecoach. Nancy Drew and her friends set out to find the clue but someone else wants to find it first.

Publisher Marketing:
Mrs. Strook requests Nancy's help finding an old stagecoach she believes her uncle hid in her hometown of Francisville. Mrs. Strook believes the stagecoach houses a clue that will be valuable for the town! Can Nancy help her find the missing stagecoach?