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 美国凯迪克大奖绘本,小学、幼儿园推荐绘本。《约瑟夫有件旧外套》特色在于随着衣服上的补洞越来越多,书页上也出现越来越多的“洞”。 只要你翻动一页,就自然地意识到约瑟夫的外套又破了一个洞。而透过这些洞与绘者充满想象力、有趣的细节,交织成这本令人惊奇的绘本。激发孩子们的创造力、塑造孩子们正确的价值观、丰富孩子们的精神世界。

Joseph had a little overcoat, but it was full of holes—just like this book! When Joseph's coat got too old and shabby, he made it into a jacket. But what did he make it into after that? And after that?

As children turn the pages of this book, they can use the die-cut holes to guess what Joseph will be making next from his amazing overcoat, while they laugh at the bold, cheerful artwork and learn that you can always make something, even out of nothing.