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This book covers both the basic pharmacology and clinical pharmacotherapy of infectious diseases. All of the available pharmacotherapies used in the treatment of infectious diseases including antibiotics, antimycobacterials, antifungals, anthelminthics, antiprotozoals, antivirals, and immunizations are included in this text. Inside, you will find: -A thorough description of the mechanism of action, spectrum of coverage, common and serious adverse effects, and mechanisms of resistance to each drug group. -Clinical indications and contraindications of each drug as well as guideline-directed management of common bacterial, fungal, protozoal, helminth, and viral infections. -Tables that summarize the available formulations, brand names, and usual dosage regimens for both adult and pediatric patients, as well as dose-modifications for patients with kidney or liver disease. This book is intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking courses devoted to infectious disease pharmacology (“bugs and drugs” courses), as well as medical/physician assistant students and residents that are training in infectious diseases or internal medicine.