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Gutting Mysticism does exactly what the title claims to do. This book offers a comprehensive study that gives the reader all the necessary evidence to destroy every illusion that mystical and supernatural practices have deceived humanity with for over 4,000 years. The author, following in the tradition of his previous expository works, does to mysticism and supernaturalism what he as done with Psychology and exposing the illusions of our history. This book is not for the faint of heart, for once digested, the reader will be left with no avenue of retreat back into the world of mystical or supernatural beliefs except their own denial of the evidence presented. The first chapters provide short overviews of some of the topical matter that the author covered more extensively in his other works, so even one who approaches the book as a cold read will have at least passing foundational knowledge to set them up for the more comprehensive aspects that the book ultimately reveals. Everything that supernaturalism and mysticism has deceived humanity with for the last 4,000 years has come about as the result of a predatory mind virus that presents itself as God or the Divine to its unwitting human victims. This virus has infected the mind of every human being on this planet, and as much as the reader may protest this assertion, the evidence presented in this book should more than overshadow those protests. This book is going to be very psychologically disturbing and will result in cognitive dissonance as the reader comes face to face with one of the greatest tyrannies to ever face humanity. The reader is instructed to steel their psyche before reading this book because it is not going the be a pleasant journey.