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You can get your construction business to move to the next level, get organized and systemized, build an accountable responsible team, charge the right mark-up, always make a profit, and work exactly the way you want by drafting your BIZ-Builder Blueprint Action Plan.

George Hedley is one of the country’s leading construction business building experts, top speakers, and professional business coaches. He has helped thousands of contractors grow, make more money, install systems, and build profitable companies. His step-by-step practical blueprint system helps general and specialty contractors who are stuck and want to improve profit margins, take charge, and grow.

This book presents proven steps to:

1. Become a “Best In Class” contractor.

2. Develop a five year BIZ-Vision & BIZ-Plan.

3. Write your short and long term goals.

4. Develop an accountable management team.

5. Delegate and build responsible team players.

6. Replace yourself with written BIZ-Systems.

7. Install field and project management systems.

8. Create scorecards and job cost tracking systems.

9. Learn how to know, track, and hit your numbers.

10. Draft a winning marketing and sales action plan.

11. Focus on growth and finding new customers.

12. Always make a profit.