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The Piano Adventures Primer Learning Library includes all the books you need to begin the Faber Piano Adventures series. The Primer pack includes the latest editions of four different books, each concentrating on a different application - Lesson (HL 420168), Theory (HL 420169), Performance (HL 420170) and Technique and Artistry (HL 420189). The books introduce new concepts as well as building upon other learned concepts through review. Students learn through familiar songs such as Alouette, Yankee Doodle, Three Little Kittens, Merrily We Roll Along, Ode to Joy, and Old MacDonald, etc. as well as simple songs that help them remember positions, notes, and other fundamentals. The Performance Book includes songs such as Hot Cross Buns, In the Jungle, Are You Sleeping, Banana Split, Lullaby and Goodnight, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Inchworm, and more! The Technique and Artistry Book includes The Great Cookie Chase, Walking the Thumb, Catch Me If You Can, Basketball Dribble, etc. Include: 1x Piano Adventures Primer Level - Lesson Book (HL.420168)(FF1075) 1x Piano Adventures Primer Level - Theory Book (HL.420169)(FF1076) 1x Piano Adventures Primer Level - Performance Book (HL.420170)(FF1077) 1x Piano Adventures Primer Level - Technique & Artistry Book (HL.420189)(FF1096)