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Brief Description:
Recycling magic turns a garbage-filled park into a "greentastic" garden.

Jacket Description/Back:

When Pinkalicious and Peter decide to visit their favorite park, they find that it's no longer their favorite place--the park is now filled with stinky trash! So, Pinkalicious decides to make an extra-special wand out of a stick and some flowers. Now whenever Pinkalicious makes a wish, adds a little love, and recites a pinkatastic rhyme, something amazing happens: It's pinkerrific magic!

Join Pinkalicious as she turns an ordinary place into an Emeraldalicious world.

Marc Notes:
Recycling magic turns a garbage-filled park into a greentastic garden.

Publisher Marketing:

Everyone's favorite pink-loving gal returns in Emeraldalicious, the imaginative, glitterlicious sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Pinkalicious!

Pinkalicious combines magic, love, and imagination to turn an ordinary place into an Emeraldalicious world.

Pinkalicious and Peter visit their favorite park, but on the way Pinkalicious's wand breaks. She isn't worried at all, because she knows just what to do. She takes a stick, some vines, and a very special flower to make a magical wand.

When Pinkalicious and Peter finally arrive at the park it's covered in stinky trash! But never fear, Pinkalicious is here with her magical wand, lots of love, and pinktastic rhymes to turn the trash into an Emeraldalicious paradise.

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Contributor Bio:  Kann, Victoria

Victoria Kann is the award-winning illustrator and author of the picture book series featuring the whimsical and effervescent character Pinkalicious. Victoria coauthored and illustrated the first two books, Pinkalicious and Purplicious, and cowrote the play Pinkalicious: The Musical. She wrote and illustrated the New York Times number-one bestsellers Goldilicious, Silverlicious, Emeraldalicious, and Aqualicious as well as Peterrific, starring Pinkalicious's little brother! Victoria is the co-executive producer of Pinkalicious & Peterrific on PBS Kids.