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The Construction Depth Practice Exam and Assessment Guide includes the top 40 questions that will be on the Construction depth portion of the PE Exam. This practice exam also includes an assessment section for you to quickly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the different topics and subtopics. All the questions and solutions are clearly labeled as to what topics they are concentrated on. This allows you to clearly understand what subject matter you are having trouble with or already fully comprehend. This allows you to studying smarter by focusing your full effort on the areas that you really need to. To find out more about the book or buy as an go to Topic Covered Earthwork Construction and Layout (6 Questions) A. Excavation and embankment B. Borrow pit volumes C. Site layout and control D. Earthwork mass diagrams E. Site and Subsurface investigations Material Quality Control and Production (6 Questions) A. Material properties and testing B. Weld and bolt installation C. Quality control process (QA/QC) D. Concrete proportioning and placement E. Concrete maturity and early strength evaluation Estimating Quantities and Costs (6 Questions) A. Quantity take-off methods B. Cost estimating C. Cost analysis for resource selection D. Work measurement and productivity Temporary Structures (6 Questions) A. Construction loads, codes, standards B. Formwork C. False work and scaffolding D. Shoring and reshoring E. Bracing and anchorage stability F. Temporary support of excavation Construction Operations and Methods (7 Questions) A. Lifting and rigging B. Crane stability C. Dewatering and pumping D. Equipment operations E. Deep foundation installation Health and Safety (3 Questions) A. OSHA regulations B. Safety management and statistics C. Work Zone and public safety Scheduling (5 Questions) A. Construction sequencing B. Activity time analysis C. CPM network analysis D. Resource scheduling and levelling E. Time-cost trade-off