Study more efficiently by focusing on the core concepts necessary to pass the Civil PE Exam: Structural Depth. Updated to the 2018 NCEES Specifications. This book follows EXACTLY to the NCEES Civil Exam syllabus for the Structural Depth and provides information specifically geared towards the exam. This book includes:

Core Concepts Reference Guide with the breakdown of equations and concepts necessary to give you the baseline of knowledge for passing the Civil PE Exam for the Structural Depth.

Breakdown of all applicable codes for the Structural Depth and the critical sections to focus on.

80 Civil Morning Breadth and 80 Structural Depth questions with detailed solutions.

The PE Exam is open book for a reason. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information presented in study guides and especially in the codes. This reference guide and practice exam focuses your attention appropriately so that you may make the best use of your time and show up on test day as prepared as possible.

Please contact us at Note: This is version 2.0 of Core Concepts for the Civil PE: Structural Depth