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This is step by step program teaching women how to go from average, to a smoking hot body like a fitness model, but BETTER. In this book we cover mindset, nutrition, booty developing workouts, and lifestyle hacks. In here is also tips on marriage, how to party the smart way, and how to do the holidays intelligently. You will learn how to melt fat, to get a defined body, and learn how to train that booty to make it POP! You will learn more in this book than most personal trainers and even fitness models know. Yes, even those with the banging bodies dont know most the info you are about to learn. So dig in, take notes, read it 3x, get to work! Find me on Facebook so I can add you to our private Booty Gains Babes private group so you can continue to get on going tips, tricks, hacks, workouts. You can also get the instant download ebook here Choose one and Lets do this!