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AoPS 8-Book Set : Art of Problem Solving Beast Academy 3A and 3B and 3C and 3D Guide and Practice 8-Book Set :

Beast Academy 3A covers : Shapes: Angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, other polygons, puzzles with polyominoes. Skip-Counting: Patterns with repeated addition, arithmetic sequences, foundations for understanding multiplication, distribution, and factoring. Perimeter and Area: Perimeter and area of rectangles, polygons, and rectilinear shapes.

Beast Academy 3B covers : Multiplication: The times table, the commutative and associative properties, multiplying numbers that end in one or more zeroes. Perfect Squares: Squaring a number that ends in 5, finding the next perfect square, multiplying nearby numbers using perfect squares. The Distributive Property: Order of operations, area models of the distributive property, multiplying multi-digit numbers.

Beast Academy 3C covers the following topics: Variables: Writing expressions and equations, evaluating expressions, solving equations. Division: Equal sharing, relating multiplication and division, finding a quotient and remainder. Measurement: Length, weight, volume, temperature, money, and time. Metric and customary units.

Beast Academy 3D covers the following topics: Fractions: Unit fractions, fractions on the number line, mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, parts of a whole, comparing and ordering fractions, simplifying fractions. Estimation: Rounding, computing estimates, over and underestimating, eyeball estimates, Fermi problems. Area: Square units, adding and subtracting areas, tangrams, triangle area, unit conversions.